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The Young Ambassador Program is organized through the Friends of Saint Patrick organization and the Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick, County Down. We are excited to welcome the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America as partners in 2023. The Young Ambassadors Program is designed to promote a greater understanding of the shared cultural heritage of Northern Ireland in North America amongst those aged 20-25. Based on the application on this website and following an interview process, Young Ambassadors will be selected to travel to Northern Ireland to explore various aspects of the history and traditions of the island of Ireland and develop their own chosen cultural dissertations. They will complete their agreed dissertations when they go home and following a successful review will be formally made Young Ambassadors.

2023 Young Ambassadors

"The Young Ambassador Program began as a way for North Americans to build a positive relationship with our part of the world so that they can speak about it with authority and confidence."

           -Dr. Tim Campbell, Director of the Saint Patrick Centre

Dr. Tim Campbell

Dr. Tim Campbell is the Executive Director of the Saint Patrick Centre, the only permanent exhibition about Saint Patrick in the world. The Saint Patrick Centre is located in the medieval town of Downpatrick in County Down, Northern Ireland - Saint Patrick’s Country.

Dr. Campbell founded the Friends of Saint Patrick organization as a charity in America and Canada 10 years ago and has been running the Young Ambassador Program since 2007.


Young Ambassadors are chosen with the aim of learning about the mission of the Saint Patrick Centre, our part of Ireland and being involved in workplace experiences which will further their careers.




A broad area of cultural research project interest should be noted within this application and the successful applicant will be mentored to develop these within work placements. Areas of interest could relate to any particular aspect of life the North of Ireland including aspects of history, culture, music, reconciliation and Ulster-American links. In the past media students have worked with local newspapers, political students with local elected representatives, those interested in community studies with local volunteer networks, heritage students with organizations like the National Trust and those interested in education with local schools. The cultural research projects will be devised prior to departure and developed throughout the Program in Northern Ireland. They will be finalized within one month of return and submitted to the Saint Patrick Centre.

These are a selection of previous Cultural Assignments:

  • The Journalistic Landscape of Northern Ireland

  • Education in Northern Ireland - A Review of Student Services at the South Eastern Regional College

  • Reflections of Museum Services in County Down

  • Northern Ireland's Legal Systems

  • Media Services at the Northern Ireland Assembly

  • Irish Language and the Northern Ireland Education System

  • Photojournalism in Northern Ireland

  • Health Services in Northern Ireland - The Down Area Hospital 

  • Voluntary Services and their provision in County Down







Work Placements

2023 Young Ambassador Maple Waldron

2023 Young Ambassador Jack Mickle

2023 Young Ambassador Patrick Clarke

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