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December 2023

  •  Applications Open

March 2024

  • Proposed applicants will be reviewed by Panels from the Friends of Saint Patrick Chapters and AOH

  • Applicants will be notified of interview requirements

  • Successful Applicants will be notified and specific travel arrangements made

June 2024

  • The program will run for first two weeks of June. Accommodation will be provided in the heart of Saint Patrick’s Country in County Down. During this time the Young Ambassadors will work through their respective projects with bespoke mentoring made available. They will experience the culture of both traditions, be briefed by political parties, visit cultural sites and experience the cross community and reconciliation work being done by the Saint Patrick Centre and other organizations. Ambassadors will document their time by blogging. 

  • Finish individual projects and assignments

August 2024

  • Involvement in Irish festivals, FOSP/AOH events 

Winter 2024/ Spring 2025

  • On-going Involvement with local Friends Chapter/AOH

    • Ambassadors must remain in the state they are representing during their year




2023 Young Ambassador

Dean Gandley

Involvement and Costs

Accommodation and Travel within the Program will be covered by the organizers but food and drink costs will be the responsibility of the successful applicants. 


Applicants will receive complimentary (roundtrip) air transportation to Dublin, Ireland where they will be met and transported (roundtrip) to County Down by authorized personnel from the Saint Patrick Centre, County Down.

Accommodation will be provided in a Tourist Board approved rented house or cottage and may involve sharing a room. Provisions will be provided to start the experience for breakfasts etc but anticipate to contribute to a group kitty and spend as much on food as you would in student accommodation. Much of the transportation will be by minibus by authorised personnel from the Saint Patrick Centre although there may be occasions which require you to take short trips on a bus or train, so budget a small amount for that also.


Young Ambassadors will develop a meaningful and on-going relationship with Chapters of the Friends of Saint Patrick, their AOH sponsors and the Saint Patrick Centre. They will continue to represent them when appropriate throughout the rest of their lives. This will include being pro-active about reaching out to the community, working with Friends Chapters, giving lectures and giving talks on their experiences.

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